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List of our working groups

With the approval of the honorable members of the board of directors, IAJCC will have three main working groups, which are: cultural and social working group, commerce, law, economic working group, technology and innovation working group; we will introduce the goals and areas covered by these three working groups.

The cultural and social working group of IAJCC has been formed in order to improve the cultural and social interactions between the two countries and develop bilateral and multilateral cooperation in the field of tourism and travel industry, cultural and social exchanges.


The main goals of the cultural and social working group are:

  • Promotion of social and cultural interactions between the two countries
  • Promotion of tourism industry in Iran and Austria
  • Development of cooperation between the tourism industries of the two countries
  • Providing services and consulting to companies that are members of IAJCC
  • Empowering people, especially women, through interaction with women from other countries
  • Providing productive and useful training programs to members
  • Establishing mutual interactions with experts in this field in Austria


Areas covered by this working group:

  • Sustainable Development
  • Empowering women
  • Development of culture and art and cultural communication between the two countries
  • Tourism industry and its sub-branches
  • Social responsibilities

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